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QM Readers

Essential discourse from inside and outside the planning discipline.

Each reader is available here for download, or stop by our office for a bound copy!

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Infrastructure has historically been understood to be apolitical—a kind of technical “background” to political life rather than a technology of political power itself. But infrastructure and its breakdown are a terrain of power and contestation as much as any other that exposes who will be serviced and what will fall into disrepair.

This reader covers perspectives on the often-invisible work essential to the functioning of our infrastructures, pointing out crucially that to maintain infrastructure, infrastructure has to have existed in the first place. However, it is essential that practitioners allow for and embrace the coexistence of formal infrastructures with other practices (rainwater harvesting, desire lines, waste management).

Urban Political Ecology

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This reader features a collection of writings that explore the dimensions of our interactions with the environment in cities.

The essays herein look at storytelling and landscape; climate grief and the processing of climate disaster; climate justice and the discourse of habitability, uninhabitability, and “livability”; urban forests, canopies, and shade; soil and its vast microbial networks; and policy and strategies of action needed to restore ecology and build real climate justice.